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General Information

Settling In

We want this to be both easy and a good experience for you and your child. In order to do this we arrange a settling in period for each child and parent/carers to become familiar with the Nursery routine and staff. It is also especially important for the child to develop a positive relationship with his/her allocated key Worker so that he/she feels confident and secure when his/her parents leave them.

Every child is different and the settling in period can vary, for some children it will be their first experience of separation from a familiar person, however this can usually be achieved in one or two weeks. The length of time a child spends at Nursery, and the length of time they are being left will gradually be extended until the agreed hours are reached.

During the first week at the nursery we observe your child and start their Learning Journal so that we can prepare suitable planning for the child education and development.


Nursery is open daily on Monday to Friday. Morning sessions run from 8.45am to 11.45am and afternoon sessions from 12.00pm to 3.00pm.

Parents can claim their 15 hours or 30 hour childcare entitlement at the setting.


Healthy snacks are important for children’s nutrition. We provide the children with healthy snacks such as variety of fruits, crackers or cereal etc. Healthy drink like water and milk. Parents contribute towards this option. Currently all children participate in the snack; however it is possible to opt out if you wish.

Please note: if the child is suffering from any kind of allergies you must let us know in the child admission form so that the key worker is aware of it.

Your Child's Keyworker

Your child will be allocated to one key person with a small group who will undertake the responsibility of her key children, known as a keyworker. She will talk to you to make sure that the needs of your children are being met appropriately, and that records of development and progress is shared with parents and other professionals as necessary. The keyworker will also be responsible for completing your child’s learning journey during your child’s time at Al Emaan Nursery.

We hold parental consultations with you individually several times a year to discuss your child’s progress.

Bringing & Picking Up

Please ensure you have filled in emergency contact details in case the nursery has to contact you during your child’s stay. We will not let a child be collected by family or friends who have not signed your child’s records. However, in an emergency, the parents or guardians will have to ring the nursery and inform the nursery beforehand or your child will remain with us until an authorized person has arrived.

Allow yourself a little time to speak to staff when picking up your child, they will pass on information about your child’s day.

Please ensure you drop your child promptly to ensure the child is not missing out any learning time.

When you drop your child off please ensure you speak to a member of staff before you go, there may be something important the staff need to pass on.

If you have any questions regarding your child, you may contact the nursery via telephone number 01217714014 or 07775598622 Alternatively you can also speak to a member of staff when you pick or drop your child.